10Nov 18

Bringing Home the Bacon

We were performing an installation in rural Iowa about a month ago when something interesting happened. The site was about 100 miles (162 kilometers) from a usable airport and the…

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01Nov 18

Introducing Roadway Object 3D Models

Let’s face it, what makes the 3D roadway environments that drivers navigate so interesting are all the roadway objects (buildings, signs, vehicles, people, etc.) that the scene is populated with.…

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20Oct 18

Using the STISIM Drive Data File

So, you went ahead and did it. You designed a driving protocol, designed the roadway environment, tested the drive to ensure it worked as intended, allowed a bunch of test…

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10Oct 18

STISIM Drive’s Data File

It’s time for part two in our series of posts focusing on the data that STISIM Drive generates during a simulation drive. We recently discussed the basics of data collection,…

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