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Assessment • Intervention • Independence

Systems Technologies Inc. and STISM Drive® Continue To Innovate!

Announcing STISIM Drive G4 for Clinical Therapy, The Next Generation of Driving Simulation Technology

Our Clinical Application software is a game-changing approach to the use of driving simulators in Clinical Therapy. With our stand-alone assessments, tailorable intervention plans and customizable driving scenarios, STISIM Drive G4 allows therapists to integrate simulator technology into their everyday practice. Our clinical framework contributes to improved patient outcomes, patient engagement, and advancement of therapeutic practice to ensure our clients regain their independence and our communities stay safe.

This aligns with the process each therapist takes to develop a specific plan of care for each client. Therapists who are new to driving simulators will be productive almost immediately, while experienced therapists will discover more efficient and effective treatments using STISIM Drive G4. Clinic Administrators will be able to justify the acquisition of a simulator in increased billable time, more efficient use of staff resources and an improved reputation for patient care.


  • Completely new, robust, and tailorable clinical framework
  • Scenarios that address both skills deficits and patient capacity for using a simulator
  • Improved user interface supporting situational awareness and usability
  • High-definition, realistic 3D graphics and maps


  • Proven technology based on decades of Systems Technology, Inc. research and development
  • Protocols tailorable to clinic and practitioner best practices
  • Reports that deliver objective measurement of progress
  • Increased patient engagement


  • Useful to every discipline in the clinic
  • Compelling technology and Navigator Training Program keeps staff engaged
  • Simulator utilization tracking and reporting
  • Enhanced prestige for your clinic

… all supported by Navigator, STISIM Drive’s brand-new, Clinical Specialist led training program. The benefit to your patient is clear:

Assessment • Intervention • Independence

Checkout our new product video for STISIM Drive’s G4 flagship M4000, then learn more about our simulator hardware.


Don’t settle for a “driving simulator.” Learn how STISIM Drive G4 can help you implement clinical best practices and improve patient outcomes. And ask about Navigator!