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STISIM Drive and The OT Lifestyle Movement to Present FREE Zoom Event for Occupational Therapists

Finding Me In OT zoom panel discussion

Topic: How to Find Your Passion & Purpose In Occupational Therapy

April 30, 2023 – Hawthorne, CA – STISIM Drive and The OT Lifestyle Movement are pleased to announce a free panel discussion for occupational therapists, taking place on Wednesday, June 28, at 7pm ET, via Zoom.

The title of the event is How to Find Your Passion & Purpose In Occupational Therapy, a theme inspired by the new documentary film, Finding Me In OT, from filmmaker, podcaster and OT, Rhiannon Crispe.

Crispe, who is also the founder of The OT Lifestyle Movement, will lead the conversation with co-panelists Kavita Murthi, OTR and Ph.D. candidate from NYU (featured in the film); as well as Bridget Mathis, MOT, OTR, and Senior Clinical Specialist for Systems Technology, Inc. (STI), makers of STISIM Drive.

“After STISIM Drive presented the world premiere of my film at AOTA’s Inspire Conference, I had such heart-felt feedback from OT professionals,” said Crispe. “Many said the film was really validating, affirming, and inspiring, and that they came away from the premiere event with more questions about how they can do meaningful work. I’m really excited about expanding on that conversation, bringing it to a wider audience, and talking about how attendees can find their purpose and passion in the profession.”

The panel discussion at Inspire ‘23 was only 25 minutes long, so for panelists and the audience it barely scratched the surface. The upcoming Zoom event is scheduled for an hour, but if attendees are engaging with questions and commentary, organizers are happy to let it run longer.

“Our experience at the premiere event showed us how eager OTs are to discuss the themes raised in Rhiannon’s film,” said Fran Nelbach, Director of Product Development at STI. “So, we’re really looking forward to offering a far more in-depth opportunity to the professional community that we have been collaborating with for over 20 years. This type of event is our way of showing our appreciation to the community that does so much to help others.”

Mathis says that whether you’re an experienced professional, or a student just embarking on your career in occupational therapy, the film and discussions around its topic are essential and important.

“As somebody who has also worked in other industries, I know that at some point we all question our chosen professions, no matter what field we are in,” said Mathis. “Rhiannon’s film serves as a reminder of how rewarding it is to work in occupational therapy. I look forward to sharing my own journey to finding my passion and purpose as a clinician and to hopefully helping others do the same.”

The Zoom event is free and open to the public. A recording of it will be made available to those that register, whether they attend or not.

Event details are as follows:

When: Wednesday, June 28, 7pm ET (4pm PT, 6pm CT, 9am AEST on June 29)

Where/How: Online Via Zoom.

Registration: Click Here to Register

Do You Need to View Rhiannon’s Film? No, it’s not required at all, but we certainly encourage you to do so, as it will help set the stage for the conversation. It’s free to watch and you’ll receive a link to do so once you register.

Who Can/Should Attend: Everybody! This is a free event that is open to the public. Although it’s certainly geared toward occupational therapy, its them of finding your passion and purpose in your profession are relevant to all fields. So even if you are not an OT, you’ll still get value from the experience.

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