Whether for occupational therapy assessment and rehabilitation, driver training, or driver research, the versatile STISIM Drive® car driving simulator brings you a new level of flexibility, ease and analytical insight.

I appreciate all the time you took to understand the need of our staff and optimize the use of the equipment. I feel this purchase with your company was not only getting a great product but receiving the best customer service I haven’t seen in a long time.

– Joseph Smolko, Education Supervisor

Uniquely engineered car driving simulator for realism, measurability, and accurate results.

Used by over 700 organizations worldwide, the STISIM Drive driving simulator is based on physics, cognitive science and solid engineering. Choose from scores of interactive, realistic driving scenarios.

Occupational Therapy: Thorough assessments and effective interventions.

Assess patients with accuracy while testing multiple modalities. Use the STISIM Drive car driving simulator to advance your driving assessment and rehabilitation program using a portfolio of more than 80 driving scenarios that test different skills and present different challenges to the patient. Track driver progress and provide meaningful feedback using the STISIM Drive-OT patient database.

Driver Training: Teach and build skills without on-road risk.

Used as a driver training simulator, STISIM Drive presents novice drivers with the basics and allows drivers to move up to more difficult scenarios with more challenging events. With over 35 immersive driving scenarios, including drunk driving simulation and texting while driving simulations, the STISIM Drive driving simulator provides a convincing wake-up call to the dangers of impaired driving and texting while driving. Measure every action and reaction. See a detailed performance report at the end of each drive.

Research: Four decades of independent validation.

Hundreds of independent, peer-reviewed research papers have been written based on data obtained with STISIM Drive. Vehicle manufacturers, government agencies, universities and medical centers all rely on STISIM Drive’s ease of customization, objectivity, and repeatability.

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