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Systems Technology, Inc. Launches Next Generation of STISIM Drive®


G4 Solution Provides a Game-Changing Approach to the Use of Driving Simulators in Clinical Therapy

April 3, 2023 – Hawthorne, CA – Today, Systems Technology, Inc. (STI) announces the launch of STISIM Drive® G4, the next generation of its highly acclaimed driving simulation technology for clinical therapy. 

G4 features a new, robust, and tailorable clinical therapy framework that provides clinicians with a powerful tool for assessing patients, improving patient outcomes, and making our communities safer. 

“This is our biggest investment to date in STISIM Drive,” said Sanjeev Weerasuriya, CEO of STI. “It’s truly a gamechanger. We’ve been collaborating with the clinical therapy community for over 20 years, and I’m proud to say that clinicians have played a very direct role in helping us develop what is the most comprehensive driving simulation technology available to their profession.” 

STISIM Drive is grounded in decades of STI’s evidence-based research and development, has been cited in over 1,200 peer-reviewed papers, and is trusted by more than 800 clients worldwide. 

“STISIM Drive stands above the competition, which is why so many continue to trust it,” said Fran Nelbach, STI’s Director of Product Management. “G4’s stand-alone assessments, tailorable intervention plans and customizable driving scenarios allows therapists to more easily integrate simulator technology into their practice. Our clinical framework contributes to higher patient engagement and advancement of therapeutic practice that better focuses on assessment, intervention and regaining independence.” 

Nelbach further points out a variety of key features and benefits: 

Features Include: 

  • Scenarios that address both skills deficits and patient capacity for using a simulator 
  • Improved user interfaces supporting situational awareness and usability 
  • High-definition, realistic 3D graphics and maps 
  • A movable console to help the clinician focus on patient behavior 

Benefits for Clinicians Include: 

  • Proven technology that improves patient outcomes 
  • Protocols tailorable to clinic and practitioner best practices 
  • Reports that deliver objective measurement of progress 
  • Increased patient engagement 

Benefits for Clinic Administrators Include: 

  • Useful to every discipline in the clinic 
  • Compelling technology that keeps staff engaged 
  • Tracking of simulator utilization 
  • Enhanced prestige for your clinic 

STI is concurrently launching its Navigator™ Training Program to support STISIM Drive, adding additional value for clinicians and administrators alike. The program offers onsite comprehensive and personalized training delivered by a Clinical Therapy Specialist. 

“Navigator™ is a powerful resource for understanding the clinical application of our driving simulation technology,” said Bridget Mathis (MOT/OTR), STI’s lead Clinical Therapy Specialist who was responsible for developing the training program. “It’s a fun and informative experience that promotes technology adoption, client and therapist engagement, and clinical outcomes.” 

The next generation of STISIM Drive will make its official in-person debut at the American Occupational Therapy Association’s (AOTA) Inspire Conference and Expo, April 20 – 22, in Kansas City, Missouri. Inspire is the world’s largest and most prominent annual gathering of occupational therapy professionals and students. In addition to exhibiting, STISIM Drive is also serving as sponsor, which includes hosting, with AOTA, the world premiere of Finding Me In OT, a new documentary about the occupational therapy profession. The screening is followed by panel discussion that features Mathis; filmmaker and OT, Rhiannon Crispe; and renowned OT and scholar, Kavita Murthi. 

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About STISIM Drive  

STISIM Drive® was developed by Systems Technology, Inc., one of the most iconic companies in the field of aerospace, aeronautics, and ground vehicle technologies with a heritage of innovation dating back to 1957. The STI Team has built a reputation as the leading experts at the intersection of vehicle dynamics and human behavior. Therapists who are new to driving simulators will be productive almost immediately, while experienced therapists will discover more efficient and effective treatments using STISIM Drive®. Clinic administrators will be able to justify the acquisition of a simulator in increased billable time, more efficient use of staff resources and an improved reputation for patient care. 

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