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We are delighted to return to AOTA Inspire!  Last year at Inspire 2023 we introduced STISIM Drive® “G4,” the next generation of driving simulation technology for clinical therapy, and screened the film ‘Finding Me in OT’ to give a little something back to the OT community.   We also introduced “Navigator™,” our clinical driving simulator training program specifically for G4.

We always learn so much from our Occupational Therapists at Inspire and that knowledge goes into everything we do with STISIM Drive®.  Thank you for letting us serve you for over 20 years!

The year since then has absolutely flown by – whoever said “it’s a small world” hasn’t had to ship a popular product!  It’s easy to see why STISIM Drive® has been such a hit with therapists and clinic administrators when you look at G4’s core feature set:

  • Assessment and intervention protocols tailorable to clinic and practitioner best practices
  • Targeted, engaging and effective scenarios with objective performance reporting
  • High definition, realistic 3D graphics and maps
  • Metrics that track patient sessions and simulator utilization

But G4’s impact on patient outcomes wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t supported by Navigator™, our onsite, clinician-led training that unlocks the value of STISIM Drive® for everyone in the clinic:

  • OTs, PTs, and SLPs learn to work within our clinical framework to assess deficits and develop skills with actual patients
  • Administrators and medical directors appreciate how fast their staff get up-to speed and how engaged patients are when using STISIM Drive®

Competition for budget and floorspace has never been greater, whether you are part of a large rehab chain in a major metro or an independent clinic in an underserved rural community.  Technology is expensive and the wrong purchase, or the purchase that goes unused, can impact patient care and risk reputations and careers.  That’s probably why 4 out of 5 customers choose to include Navigator™ training with their purchase of STISIM Drive®.

Come see us at AOTA Inspire in booth 923 and learn about STISIM Drive®.  Let Bridget and Ted know you saw our AOTA Inspire blog post and ask to be introduced to our Navigator™ mascot-in-training (get it, in-training??).  Assessment and intervention are at the core of our mission, but also ask how a driving program for your clinic supports community mobility and patient independence.  And download our information in the AOTA Inspire Mobile App before, during or after the conference by going to Exhibitors -> STISIM Drive® -> Resources

This year we will build on G4’s success with new product features that extend our global reach and make the decision to adopt STISIM Drive® for your clinic easier than ever.  Come and see the next generation of driving simulation technology for clinical therapy at AOTA Inspire!

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