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STISIM Drive Solutions pair our Application Software with the Hardware Platform that best fits your application, use case, floor plan and budget. We provide everything from turnkey-solutions with on-site installation and training to software-only packages that allow you to select and configure your hardware. Checkout the table below to see what’s right for you.

Hardware Platform
User HW (Req)
Clinical Therapy
Best for Clinics,
Professional Grade
Entry Level,
Commercial Grade
Turnkey, High Utilization,
Professional Grade
Commercial Grade
Turnkey, Gaming-Class
Driver Training
Turnkey, Gaming-Class
Best for Organizations
Researchers can create a custom implementation by purchasing our Research Suite and assembling their own computer system to run it (minimum system requirements). Budget-minded, driver-training DIYers can also assemble their own computer systems and controllers, but organizations should opt for our cloud-based deployment with enterprise-grade features for larger student populations. For most domains, our turnkey STISIM Drive Hardware Platforms provide the best value in worry-free installation, training and operation.
Lab / Instruction
Use Cases
Clinical Therapy, Research
Clinical Therapy, Research
Research, Driver Training
Form Factor
Console, With Non-Slip Flooring and Locking Casters for Portability
Desktop, Portable and Fits Through Standard Doors
User-Supplied Desktop
Driver Display(s)
Three-screens, 27” with 135 Degree Field of View
Three-screens, 24” with 135 Degree Field of View
Single Screen, 21” and 60 Degree Field of View
Operator Display
One 22” Touch-Screen
One 20”, Non-Touch Enabled
One 20”, Non-Touch Enabled
Steering Wheel Assembly
Proprietary OEM-Grade Tilt/ Telescoping with Force-Feedback
Proprietary OEM-Grade with Force-Feedback
Commercial Off-The-Shelf, Consumer-Grade Force-Feedback
Accelerator and Brake Assembly
Commercial-Grade Three-Pedal System, Configurable Left-Foot Accelerator
Commercial-Grade Three-Pedal System, Configurable Left-Foot Accelerator
Commercial Off-The-Shelf
Electric 4-Way Seat, Tilt/Telescoping Wheel
Electric Height-Adjustable Fit
Accessibility Features
Separating Shell For Wheelchair Optional Hand Controls Optional Steering Spinner Knob
Wheelchair Accessible
High-Quality, Realistic and Immersive Effects
High-Quality, Realistic and Immersive Effects
Consumer-Grade, Realistic and Immersive Effects
On-Site or Remote
Warranty & Tech Support
1-Year With Optional Extended Plans
1-Year With Optional Extended Plans

M4000 Console

The M4000 Console is STISIM Drive’s flagship, with a feature set that is second-to-none. Ruggedized chassis with fully adjustable driver positioning, handholds, ergonomic touch-screen operator console and optional hand controls. The realistic steering force-feedback, 135 degree field-of-view displays and immersive audio system engages the subject in the driving experience. Clinical staff and researchers will appreciate the movable and height-adjustable operator console that provides situational awareness of the drive while still allowing observation of the subject. The console is built to withstand high duty-load clinical and research environments.

M3000 Desktop

The M3000 Desktop is a commercial-grade but economical driving simulator with a compact footprint. Realistic steering force-feedback, 135 degree field-of-view displays and immersive audio system engages the subject in the driving experience. The electric, height-adjustable desktop accommodates ambulatory and wheelchair patients alike. Users provide their own seating for the subject and operator to minimize access requirements and maximize flexibility for placement in small spaces.

M2000 Desktop

In the M2000, STI provides a turnkey, budget-minded solution for Research and Driver Training. All components and wiring are provided for quick and easy installation in the Users custom environment. Three-screen driver displays are recommended for subject immersion and engagement, but the software also supports using only a single screen.


Don’t settle for a “driving simulator.” Learn how STISIM Drive® can help you implement clinical best practices and improve patient outcomes. And ask about Navigator!