Make your driver training program more efficient and effective in today’s distracted world.

STISIM Drive-DT driver training software and simulator systems are engineered to complement current driver training courses and to improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of your program. Our interactive simulation software is engineered to enhance training, and facilitate evaluation and assessment of novice, at risk, and even experienced drivers.

Teach drivers what to do, and what not to do

Train and assess drivers without the risk of on-road driving. Easily select from our library of 35 real-world driving simulation scenarios, which are designed to teach and test specific driving skills in challenging environments from urban to rural.

With the STISIM Drive-DT driving simulator, novice drivers will also learn what not to do with our texting-while-driving and drunk driving simulator scenarios. Novice drivers can experience potentially fatal texting scenarios that serve as a wake-up call for anyone who thinks they can safely text while driving (see video, at right). Educate through experience, without the catastrophic consequences of on-road distracted driving.

Optimize your time and your budget

The STISIM Drive-DT driving simulator software records and reports the details of each student’s drive, including each mistake and other critical metrics. Provide effective feedback using the driving simulator’s playback option.

STISIM Drive-DT driving simulator software can be used with off-the-shelf hardware, an economical approach many schools are taking. Prefer a turnkey system? STISIM Drive offers complete driving simulator systems including a desktop computer, monitors, Logitech steering controller, and driver training consoles. For a more robust solution, select an advanced console system that integrates our software with realistic driving controls and hardware. We’ll configure a solution that fits your budget.

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Video scenario depicts a fatal accident occurring in a residential area while driver is texting, showing why not to text and drive.