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Driver Training

Innovative interactive software

“I appreciate all the time you took to understand the need of our staff and optimize the use of the equipment. I feel this purchase with your company was not only getting a great product but receiving the best customer service I haven’t seen in a long time.”

Joseph Smolko
Education Supervisor
Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry

Innovative Driver Training Software for Driving Schools

Our simulation library with more than 40 real-world driving simulation scenarios are designed to teach and test specific driving skills in challenging environments from urban to rural.

Train novice drivers with real world scenarios including our texting-while-driving and drunk driving simulator scenarios. Provide real world potentially fatal texting scenarios that provide real world experience without catastrophic consequences.

woman sitting at a driving simulator built for OT's
  • More than 40 pre-designed scenarios
  • Interactive roadway events
  • Detailed help files, documentation, user resources
  • Transmission options
  • Impaired or distracted driving
  • Realistic roadway environments
  • Ready to drive, test, and evaluate
  • Interactive and programmable roadway environments
  • Modify existing or create custom scenarios
  • Control events, signal lights, pedestrians, vehicle traffic
  • User definable data collection
  • Programming experience not required
  • Advanced scenario and configuration design
  • Cue scenario events dynamically
  • Ease of operation and maintenance
  • More time driving and less time reading
  • Visual replay of previous sessions
  • Automatic or manual transmissions

Record and Report to Save Time and Money

The STISIM Drive-DT driving simulator software records and reports details of each student’s drive. Track each mistake and provide effective feedback.

Additional services can include:

  • Creating Customized Drives and Scenarios with Reports for Specific Types of Applicants
  • Data Mining and Analysis
  • Custom Training and Installation Services
  • Custom 3-D Modeling

For driving schools with financial constraints, we offer a software only solution that can be used off-the-shelf. Our turnkey solutions offer complete driving simulator systems ideal for driving schools looking to expand their services. Our driver training system includes a desktop computer, monitors, Logitech steering controller, and optional driver training consoles. Regardless of your budget we’ll configure a solution that fits your needs.


Our team is ready to answer any questions you have about our groundbreaking driving simulation technology for clinical therapy, driving research and driver training.