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Announcing STISIM Drive Navigator, Our Clinical Training Program For The Next Generation of Driving Simulation Technology

STISIM Drive Navigator is a powerful resource for understanding the clinical application of our driving simulation technology. This training program promotes technology utilization while stimulating client engagement, clinical outcomes, and exploring the clinical application for each therapy discipline [PT, OT, SLP].

By investing in Navigator, you are contributing to the advancement and skills for your clinical therapy team, placing your clinic at the forefront of technology adoption, while contributing to a safer and more independent driving community.


  • On-Site STISIM Drive OT Clinical Specialist for clinician and client participation
  • Therapeutic use and application to client populations
  • Demonstration of Driving Scenarios as it applies to clinical best practice
  • Explanation of Reports and Metrics for ease of documentation
Clinical therapy training in action


  • Comprehensive training program to enhance clinical adoption and integration of simulator technology
  • Educates clinicians on the alignment of the simulator clinical framework as it relates to clinical best practice
  • Training certificate provided for possible CEU credits upon completion of training program based upon state’s licensing requirements.


  • Training provided for every therapy discipline to enhance simulator adoption and utilization
  • Compelling technology and training keep staff and patients engaged
  • Explanation of objective data and reports to enhance therapy documentation, assisting with reimbursement

Navigator is your complete STISIM Drive training solution, educating your staff on the clinical application of simulator scenarios and protocols for patient assessment, intervention, and independence.


Don’t settle for a “driving simulator.” Learn how STISIM Drive® Navigator can help you implement clinical best practices and improve patient outcomes.