The ideal tool for efficient the occupational therapy driving assessment and patient-specific intervention programs.

Driving is a complex and dangerous task that requires simultaneous engagement of sensory, perceptual, cognitive, and motor systems. It is also a familiar and over-learned activity. The STISIM Drive driving simulator is an ideal tool for occupational therapy driving assesment, for it’s measuring and addressing human function capabilities. STISIM Drive-OT has been engineered to facilitate diagnosis, evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation.

Easily tailor interventions for each patient

Whether your patient has challenges from traumatic brain injury, a recent surgery, or cognitive decline, our comprehensive driving simulator provides accurate measure of driving performance.

Do you simply need to determine if your patient is a high-risk driver? In one efficient session with the STISIM Drive driving simulator, this can be accomplished. Is this the first step in  a driving simulation intervention? With a few mouse clicks, individualize an intervention for each patient by selecting the perfect combination of driving scenarios.

The STISIM Drive driving simulator produces real-world, evidence-based results that you can share with your patients. Together, watch a replay of a patient’s performance on any drive and review a report containing specific metrics and data. Track progress over time using the STISIM Drive-OT patient database that stores individual patient driving results from their driving simulation history.

The system of choice for occupational therapy driving assessment worldwide

The STISIM Drive Console-OT driving simulator is the system of choice for the occupational therapy community worldwide. With both left and right side driving, English and metric outcome measures, and both US and international signage; the STISIM Drive driving simulator adapts to all regions of the world.

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