STISIM Drive: an adaptable tool that redefines what the driving simulator can do.

The STISIM Drive driving simulator combines applied physics and human factors engineering into a fully programmable and open software platform. As a result, STISIM Drive is flexible, reliable, adaptable, and produces valid results.

The STISIM Drive driving simulator fundamentally redefined driving simulation over thirty years ago by introducing the first cost-effective PC-based driving simulator, a simulator with sophisticated capabilities including programmability, data capture, and interactive scenarios.

Proven in a wide spectrum of applications

Now in use by over 700 organizations, the STISIM Drive driving simulator is the choice at leading occupational therapy, driver training, and research centers worldwide. The effectiveness of the STISIM Drive driving simulator has been demonstrated in hundreds of peer-reviewed studies. Our versatile and easily programmable system is used in:

  • Clinical driver assessment and occupational therapy rehabilitation
  • Driver training, education, and assessment
  • Driving research and development, ranging from human factors studies to pharmaceutical evaluation trials
  • Vehicle and highway design, including Federal Highway Administration road definitions

Custom configured for your goals and budget

What do you want to accomplish and measure? We develop our software so we can offer a library of over 140 different interactive driving scenarios, scenarios can be used as pre-designed or that can be customized to meet your research criteria using the SDL scripting language.

The STISIM Drive driving simulator provides a wide range of hardware configurations from which to choose. We can supply a turn-key system with hardware and software, or you can opt to use our software with your commercially available hardware. We offer desktop systems with both one or three screen driver field of view options. Desktop systems include either a commercial steering controller or our ADS (advanced digital steering) system that provides proprioceptive feedback. Our M300-Console systems provide a full console environment engineered for years of use. The MCab180 system is based on a full car cab and 180 degree screen projector system. Both the M300-Console and MCab180 systems include our ADS steering system.

Systems engineered for specific applications

Click on the links below to learn more about STISIM Drive software and systems engineered for your specific application:

Occupational Therapy
Driver Training