STISIM Drive Tools: CalPot32

One of the best things about STISIM Drive (out of many good things, if we do say so ourselves), is that the software comes with several handy dandy tools to make life easier! We wanted to spend a little time taking a look at these tools you might not have realized were available – and giving you a little introduction on how they can help.

Now, these tools aren’t necessarily required for performing a driving simulation, but they could come in handy when you need to do some troubleshooting or are looking to expand your system’s capabilities.

The first tool we’ll look at is one that allows you to set up, calibrate, and test your driver controls, as well as other specific hardware devices. This tool is called CalPot32 (catchy, right?) and you can find it in the C:\STISIM3\Tools folder.

(Note: This blog post is not meant to provide a step-by-step tutorial on how to effectively use CalPot32; rather, it’s a simple introduction to a tool we think you may find helpful. You can find details on how to do specific tasks if you go to Hardware Installation Manual PDF and Tools Manual PDF files that can be found in the C:\STISIM3\Help folder.)

The Benefits of CalPot32

So, what exactly is CalPot32 and why should you care about it? In a nutshell, CalPot32 is a simple utility that allows you to control most of the hardware your simulator will be using. If you are supplying your own hardware, CalPot32 will be needed before you even launch the simulator!

CalPot32 provides the following features:

  • Allows you to set up hardware profiles for the simulator, including what type of steering system, pedals, shifter, and buttons will be used. STISIM Drive supports a wide range of hardware options for the driving controls and CalPot32 provides an easy interface for specifying your hardware.
  • Allows you to get the specific digital signatures of each of the simulator’s buttons. These signatures can then be assigned to a specific simulator function.
  • STISIM Drive supports interface devices from a company named Measurement Computing, however to use one of these devices, it needs to be configured correctly. CalPot32 allows you to specify which device will handle specific inputs and outputs. It also allows you to test the inputs and outputs.
  • Provides an independent environment for testing the driving controls. If you launch the simulator and have the unfortunate experience of not being able to drive, CalPot32 will let you test the driving controls outside of the simulator. This is important because it helps you narrow down what might be causing the problem.

CalPot32 in all its glory!


As you can see, CalPot32 is one helpful little tool for your STISIM Drive hardware! Learning to use it effectively can save you time, and frustration.