Does STISIM Drive Run on Windows 10?

A question we get asked a lot is “Will the STISIM Drive software run on Windows 10?”  Most recently one of our long-term clients had to update from Windows 7 to Windows 10 in order to run some other new software. They were, understandably, concerned that this might cause an issue with their driving simulator.

Luckily for them (and all of our customers), the short answer is yes, the STISIM Drive software will run on Windows 10.  In fact, we think it might be useful to provide you with some background about the STISIM Drive software and which version works on which operating system.

Many years ago (many, many, if we’re honest) STISIM began as an MS-DOS based software application.  It remained as such for more than 10 years.  Then, when the PC world turned to the Windows operating system, everything, including STISIM, changed.  It was at this point that we formally became STISIM Drive.

The first version of STISIM Drive was designed to run on the Windows/NT operating system (fun fact: that means the original STISIM Drive software can still run on today’s Windows since Windows/NT was the original basis for all Windows systems).  And, when Windows 2000 was introduced, STISIM Drive Version 1 ran without issue.

Then along came Windows XP, a revamp of the Windows operating system.  It was with the introduction of XP that we had to redesign the STISIM Drive software and we released Version 2 (fun fact: Because STISIM Drive Version 2 was designed specifically for Windows XP, it has some hiccups when it’s run on the later Windows systems – like 7/Vista/8/10.  We don’t recommend trying to run it on anything but Windows XP.  Trust us).

And that brings us to Version 3 of the STISIM Drive software.  While it was originally designed to run on Windows 7, we’ve made upgrades and improvements over the years that allow it to take advantage of the latest features in Windows 10.  That means upgrading to Windows 10 should not cause any trouble, and Version 3 still runs perfectly well on Windows 7.

So if you’re using the latest version of the STISIM Drive software, feel free to upgrade without worry; your driving simulator should work just fine!

Just for fun, and a little historical perspective, check out these screen shots showing how the STISIM/STISIM Drive GUI (general user interface) has evolved over the years (and operating systems):

The final version of the original STISIM GUI.


STISIM Drive software

STISIM Drive GUI for Version 1 of the software.


Driving simulation program

STISIM Drive Version 2 GUI. The basic concept remained the same throughout, but the look changed as graphics improved.


Windows 10

Modern GUI for STISIM Drive Version 3. As the computer world evolves, so does STISIM Drive.