Our customizable software gives you objective, measurable results.

What happens when you introduce a confounder like a medication, drug, fatigue or new interface to an over-learned skill like driving? Researchers in clinical, pharmaceutical, highway safety, and vehicle design have all used STISIM Drive driving simulators to gather meaningful performance data efficiently and safely.

Validated worldwide for decades

Over the past thirty years, our driving simulator systems have been used worldwide generating hundreds of peer-reviewed studies across a diverse spectrum of industries and applications:

  • Pharmaceutical R&D
  • Automotive design
  • Sleep deprivation and fatigue
  • Pharmacologic agents
  • Alcohol
  • Disease manifestation
  • Geriatrics
  • Cognitive & human factors
  • Effects of stroke
  • TBI (traumatic brain injury)

Major U.S. university research centers rely on data collected using STISIM Drive for studies involving psychology, human factors and engineering.

Open, programmable and flexible software

STISIM Drive® Software is a programmable, expandable, and fully interactive virtual reality driving simulator engineered to take advantage of cutting edge computer technology. Results from more than four decades of independently validated driving simulation research are incorporated into STISIM Drive® software. More than 700 universities, government agencies, medical facilities, training centers, and corporations have used STISIM Drive® to conduct research, perform occupational therapy assessment and treatment, and provide driver training.

STISIM Drive® software comes with over one hundred forty ready to run driving simulations that present diverse driving situations, customizable roadway environments, and an extensive library of roadway objects. The driving simulator software also allows for user definable data collection.

In this urban driving scenario, the driver must stop for or avoid unexpected hazards while following instructions to make a turn.

  • More than 140 pre-designed scenarios
  • STISIM Drive® Scenario Definition Language (SDL)
  • Module programming feature
  • Interactive and programmable roadway events
  • Expandable using STISIM Drive Open Module
  • Detailed help files, documentation, user resources
  • Transmission options
  • Realistic roadway environments
  • Ready to drive, test, and evaluate
  • Interactive and programmable roadway environments
  • Modify existing or create custom scenarios
  • Control events, signal lights, pedestrians, vehicle traffic
  • User definable data collection
  • Programming experience not required
  • Advanced scenario and configuration design
  • Cue scenario events dynamically
  • Ease of operation and maintenance
  • More time driving and less time reading
  • Visual replay of previous sessions
  • Automatic or manual transmissions