Entry Level Driving Simulator for Research


M2000-R System

  • More than 90 pre-designed driving scenarios
  • STISIM Drive® Scenario Definition Language (SDL)
  • High speed graphics and sound processing
  • Interactive and programmable roadway events
  • Detailed help files, documentation, user resources
  • Scenario playback
  • Automatic or manual transmissions
  • International signage
  •  Left and right side of the road driving
  • English and metric units
  • Realistic roadway environments
  • Ready to drive, test, and evaluate
  • Modify existing or create custom scenarios
  • Control events like signal lights, pedestrians, vehicle traffic
  • User definable data collection
  • Programming experience not required
  • Advanced scenario and configuration design
  • Cue scenario events dynamically
  • Ease of operation and maintenance
  • Visual replay of previous drives

Performance Measure

Scenario Building: A core element of STISIM Drive® is the Scenario Definition Language (SDL). SDL is an easy to use scripting language that allows for user designed roadway environments and driving situation events. The key features of SDL are:

  • Allows definition of the visual data base (intersections, vehicles, pedestrians, traffic control devices, buildings, flora and fauna, miscellaneous elements).
  • Traffic and pedestrians are intelligent and can be programmed to present hazardous situations.
  • Roadway profile is defined in terms of highway engineering specifications (horizontal and vertical curvature and transitions, cross section slopes, etc.).
  • Built in driver assessment tasks including car following, divided attention, pedal reaction times.
  • User definable data collection including vehicle dynamic states, timing, distances and more.

Open and Flexible: With the STISIM Drive® Open Module plug-in option, users can interface with STISIM Drive® using programming languages like C++ to create custom applications or expand the driving simulator’s functionality.

Expandable: Users can expand the functionality of the basic STISIM Drive® driving simulation software with add on modules that include a DUI module, Advanced Vehicle Dynamics Module (VDANL Drive®), and the above mentioned Open Module.

DUI Module

  • Adds realistic time delays to the driver’s inputs to simulate driver responses when impaired.
  • User can specify a BAC or have the driving simulator software compute BAC based on driver’s gender, age range, body size, number of drinks and drinking time.
  • Simulates tunnel vision effect that occurs at higher BAC levels.
  • Can be used with any existing simulation drive.

Advanced Vehicle Dynamics Module, VDANL Drive®

  • Comprehensive vehicle dynamics capabilities using a composite slip tire model.
  • Simulates virtually all driver induced maneuvering up through limit performance conditions defined by tire saturation characteristics (spin-outs and rollovers).
  • Simulates performance of passenger cars, light trucks, SUVs.

Programmable Plug-in Module, Open Module

  • Allows users to write custom source code modules that can be plugged into the STISIM Drive® simulation loop, using standard languages such as C#, C++, VB, and other Windows® COM compliant languages.

Provides the user with a means of creating custom and proprietary enhancements that expand the capabilities of the basic STISIM Drive® software.


Entry Level Driving Simulator for Research

Programmable Driving Simulation Software for Research

The STISIM Drive® M2000-R system includes three driving displays that enable a 135° driver field-of-view; and a set of gaming-based driver controls that include an active force feedback steering wheel and pedals. The M2000-R system is engineered to deliver superior simulation performance at a cost effective price. STISIM Drive® Scenario Definition Language (SDL), software that allows for custom designed roadway environments and situations, is included. The M2000-R system comes with more than 90 ready to run and modify driving scenarios that provide diverse driving situations, customizable roadway environments, and use an extensive library of roadway objects. The system also allows for user definable data collection. All STISIM Drive® systems are backed by an extensive user base supported by hundreds of independent peer reviewed publications. The M2000-R system will enable the end user to achieve objective, accurate and repeatable performance measurements in a cost effective environment.


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