OT/Clinical Entry Level Driving Simulator

M2000-OT System


  • More than 90 pre-designed driving scenarios
  • High speed graphics and sound processing
  • Patient database
  • Scenarios designed for assessment and rehabilitation
  • Detailed help files, documentation, user resources
  • Scenario playback
  • Automatic or manual transmissions
  • International signage
  • Left and right side of the road driving
  • English and metric units


  • Ready to drive, test, and evaluate
  • Assess and process your patients in a timely manner
  • Realistic roadway environments
  • Ease of operation and maintenance
  • Visual replay of previous drives

Performance Measures

  • Accident Counts: Vehicle, pedestrian, obstacles, off-road
  • Brake and Accelerator: Speeding behavior, reaction time, time to collision, tailgating
  • Steering and Handling: Lane position and deviation, centerline and edge crossings
  • Driver Compliance/Attention: Signal lights, signs, turning, divided attention

System Components

  • Computer: Dell™ desktop workstation with high performance NVIDIA graphics card
  • Driver Display: 24” LCD (3 units) for 135º driver field of view
  • Operator Display: 24” LCD (1 unit)
  • Steering Wheel: Logitech® G29 or similar (active force feedback, 900° rotation)
  • Gas and Brake Pedals: Included with the steering wheel
  • Electronic documentation: Included
  • Hardware License Key: Included
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Tech Support: 1 Year
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows®


OT/Clinical Entry Level Driving Simulator

Engineered for Occupational Therapy and Rehabilitation, providing superior simulation performance at a cost effective price

Powered by the STISIM Drive® software engine, the interactive M2000-OT system is engineered to deliver superior simulation performance at a cost effective price. The software and system provide three driving displays that enables a 135 degree driver field of view and a set of gaming-based driver controls that include an active force feedback steering wheel and pedals. The M2000-OT comes with these specific features designed for Occupational Therapy Assessment and Rehabilitation applications:

  • Custom scenarios specifically designed for OT assessment and evaluation
  • Database features that allow the client to easily track and review the progress that a patient is making including replaying and reviewing data from previous drives
  • Custom OT specific interface that allows the end user to quickly launch specific driving simulations with a few simple mouse clicks
  • Customized reports that present metrics and data that are specific to the simulation just completed
  • On-site installation and training

The STISIM Drive® M2000-OT system also comes with more than 90 ready to run driving scenarios representing a wide array of diverse driving situations. The M2000-OT system will enable the end user to eliminate the risks of on-road driving, safely evaluate high risk drivers, and achieve objective, accurate and repeatable performance measurements in a cost effective environment.


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