Entry Level Driver Training Software

urban driving simulator screenshot

M1000-DT Software

  • More than 40 scenarios representing over 3.5 hours of simulated driving
  • Easy to use GUI (graphical user interface)
  • Distracted and texting while driving scenarios
  • DUI scenarios
  • Novice introductory scenario drives with audio and visual guidance feedback
  • Urban, residential, metro, and rural driving scenarios
  • Include the most common event challenges to novice drivers
  • Custom scenarios specifically designed for driver training and assessment
  • Customized reports showing performance metrics for the drive just completed
  • Print results for filing, or create an electronic (.pdf file) of the driving results
  • Replay the previous drive
  • Shipping and handling (Within Continental US)
  • First year’s support and warranties
  • Eliminates the risks of on-road driving
  • Experience real world on road situations in a virtual environment
  • Safely evaluate high risk and challenged drivers
  • Effective for instructional and practice exercises
  • Easy management and practical operation
  • Data and results available for immediate review and feedback
  • Enables cost effective assessment and training drives
  • More time driving and less time reading
  • Accident Counts: Vehicle, pedestrian, obstacles, off-road
  • Brake and Accelerator: Speeding behavior, reaction time, time to collision, tailgating
  • Steering and Handling: Lane position and deviation, centerline and edge crossings
  • Driver Compliance/Attention: Signal lights, signs, turning, divided attention
  • Driver training
  • Driver assessment
  • Safety education
  • DUI education
  • Texting while driving education


Entry Level Driver Training Software

Software specifically designed for driver training and driving assessment, with a portfolio of more than 40 simulation scenarios

The M1000-DT driver training software has been engineered to facilitate the training, evaluation, and assessment of novice, at risk, and experienced drivers. M1000-DT is designed to be a driving simulation complement to existing driver training and education courses. At the core of the M1000-DT is the STISIM Drive® driving simulator software. M1000-DT includes an easy to use interface that makes it easy to select and drive a chosen scenario. At the completion of each scenario drive, a summary report is generated that includes data and metrics from the drive for review and reference. The M1000-DT software includes a selection of pre-designed scenarios from which the driver or instructor can select an applicable example beneficial to their intended training or evaluation. The scenarios include events specific to distracted driving/texting while driving, DUI, urban driving, residential driving, rural driving, metro driving, freeway driving, and situational driving. Introductory drives are included that have immediate instructional audio and visual feedback when a violation or poor driving performance is detected. The M1000-DT software supports a single roadway display monitor that presents a 60 degree driver field of view and Logitech® based driving controls.


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