A driving simulator for OT applications, engineered into an advanced and ergonomically friendly console environment

Powered by the programmable STISIM Drive® software engine, the STISIM Driv M300WS-OT-Console system is engineered to deliver superior simulation performance and a realistic driving experience at a cost effective price. Integrated into an advanced evaluation friendly console environment, the M300WS-OT-Console system includes three driving displays that enable a 135° driver field-of-view, an advanced full size steering wheel with dynamics based feedback, and foot pedals that provide a realistic driving experience.

The M300WS-OT-Console comes with these specific features designed for Occupational Therapy Assessment and Rehabilitation applications:

  • Custom scenarios specifically designed for OT assessment and evaluation
  • Custom OT specific interface that allows the end user to quickly launch specific driving simulations with a few simple mouse clicks
  • Customized reports that present metrics and data that are specific to the simulation just completed
  • Database features that allow the client to easily track and review the progress that a patient is making including replaying and reviewing data from previous drives
  • Ergonomically efficient console design with integrated operator station
  • Adjustable steering position
  • STISIM Drive ADS advanced steering controller and pedals
  • Ergonomic auto seat with safety restraint
  • Console wheeled for easy positioning
  • Wheels lock for position stability
  • Rolls through standard 32″door
  • Safety locked computer bay
  • Durable diamond plate floor finish
  • On-site installation and training

The STISIM Drive® M300WS-OT-Console system also comes with over seventy-five ready to run driving scenarios that provide diverse driving situations, customizable roadway environments, and use an extensive library of roadway objects. The system allows for user definable data collection. All STISIM Drive® systems come with an extensive user base supported by hundreds of peer reviewed publications. In addition, The STISIM Drive® M300-OT-Console system will enable the end user to eliminate the risks of on-road driving, safely evaluate high risk drivers, and achieve objective, accurate and repeatable performance measurements in a cost effective environment.


  • High speed graphics and sound processing
  • More than 75 pre-designed scenarios
  • Interactive and programmable roadway events
  • Detailed help files, documentation, user resources
  • Scenario playback
  • Transmission options
  • Realistic roadway environments
  • Ready to drive, test, and evaluate
  • Advanced scenario and configuration design
  • Cue scenario events dynamically
  • Ease of operation and maintenance
  • Visual replay of previous sessions
  • Accident Counts: Vehicle, pedestrian, obstacles, off-road
  • Brake and Accelerator: Speeding behavior, reaction time, time to collision, tailgating
  • Steering and Handling: Lane position and deviation, centerline and road edge crossings
  • Driver Compliance/Attention: Signal lights, signs, turning, divided attention
  • Computer: Delldesktop workstation with high performance nVIDIA graphics card
  • Driver Display: Minimum 27″ LCD (3 units) for 135° field of view
  • Operator Display: Minimum 20” LCD (1 unit) shows real time summary of driving data
  • Steering Wheel: STISIM Drive® ADS high fidelity advanced control (Active force feedback, 900° rotation)
  • Gas and Brake Pedals: STISIM Drive® advanced automotive pedals
  • Hardware License Key: Included
  • Electronic documentation: Included
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Tech Support: 1 Year
  • Optional Hardware: Manual transmission, Sure Grip detachable hand controls, Left foot accelerator, spinner knob
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows®