Please Can We Have Some More…Roadway Environments?

While STISIM Drive gives our customers a lot of flexibility and choices, we still find ourselves flooded with requests for more. Because our customers love how well our simulator works, they want ways to use it; specifically, they want the roadway environments to simply do more.

And we hear that loud and clear! We always strive to give our customers what they want, and that includes creating more and varied roadway environments. We keep working on building complete scenarios or critical situation snippets that meet a specific challenge. These scenarios and roadway sections generally make it into future simulation builds so that clients can take advantage of them. (If you’re looking for a specific scenario, check out our Scenario Library for a complete list and description of all the drives included with the simulator, which you can get by clicking this link: Scenario_Library_Manual).

Recently, we added a few new drives to the collection. Read all about them below:

Freeway Drive

A roughly 2-mile (≈ 4 minute) drive where the driver navigates a high speed freeway with three lanes of traffic in their direction. About halfway through the drive, the right lane becomes blocked with traffic exiting the freeway. One of the vehicles will pull out of the right lane and cut the driver off. A little bit later, a fast vehicle from the left lane will cut the driver off as they try to get into the slow lane. (Sounds like a run-of-the-mill morning commute in LA!)

Advanced Mountain Drive

A roughly 4-mile (≈ 7 minute) drive on a two-lane mountain road with mostly sharp curves. Hazards that the driver will encounter include animals in the roadway, a vehicle encroaching the driver’s lane around a curve, and boxes in the road as the driver crests a hill.

Driving in Fog

An approximately 1.7 mile (≈ 4 minute) four-lane rural area with heavy fog (approximately 100-foot visibility) at the start of the drive. After about a mile, the fog dissipates, and the view is clear. Obstacles that must be avoided include a couple of roadway barrels that have been knocked over, a slow vehicle in the fog, and a vehicle that pulls into, and then out, of the driver’s lane.

While the scenarios above are complete drives, you can take sections of them and use them in your custom drive. We have included a section with a distracted drive that was created for a client. In this drive, the driver gets a text message and their eyes leave the road to view the message. When their eyes return to the road, the driver’s side door of a stopped vehicle opens. This is when the fun begins.

So if you’ve been hoping for more variety in your driver simulations, we’ve got you covered! Give us a call to add drive scenarios to your driving simulator.