STISIM Drive Tools: Model Viewer

As we wrap up our month of blogs about STISIM Drive tools (you can read about the others here and here), today we’re going to talk about the Model Viewer.

At first glance you might think this tool is meant solely for power users who create their own custom models, but that’s not entirely true. This tool allows you to look at any of the models and encrypted textures that STISIM Drive supports.

You can see the model from every angle with a few simple steps!

Sure, you could also do this by simply dropping a model into a scenario and looking at it there. But with the Model Viewer you can actively manipulate the model by changing its position and orientation, making it easy to see the entire model (sides, top, bottom) – without leaving the application.

Why does this matter? Because it could potentially save you a ton of time!

The Benefits of the Model Viewer Tool

Without the Model Viewer, you’d have to exit the simulator, manipulate the models, and then run the scenario again to see the changes. Not the most efficient way to see what models look like. Plus, within the Model Viewer you can also:

  • Look at four views of the model at the same time
  • Add fog to see how the models look in fog
  • Activate a ruler that can help you understand the size of the models
  • Add multiple models to the viewer so that you can directly compare them
  • Play with the lighting
  • Take pictures of the models

And you can do all that without having to save, exit, and rerun the scenario. Pretty helpful, right?

How to Use the Model Viewer

Now that you can see what a great tool the Model Viewer is, here’s how you can run it quickly:

  1. From the STISIM Drive main GUI, click on the Tools tab.
  2. Click on the 3D Model Viewer icon.

    Click the 3D Model Viewer icon.

  3. The Model Viewer application should launch.
  4. Once the application has launched, click on the Add Model icon.
  5. Navigate to the desired model you want to view.
  6. Click on the View Model icon.
  7. When the model appears, use the options to manipulate the model.

There you have it, a quick and easy way to view models and see what they’ll look like in the simulator!

The Model Viewer interface.

For a more complete explanation of this tool and its capabilities, take a look at the Tools Manual (C:\STISIM3\Help\Tools_Manual.pdf). Another helpful document is the Model Library Manual, which contains a list of the models that the simulator provides (you can find it at C:\STISIM3\Help\Model_Library_Manual.pdf).

We hope that Tools Month has helped you become more familiar with the STISIM Drive tools that can make your life easier!