It’s All in the Manuals!

We love to hear from our clients! In fact, we’re always willing to engage in a bit of lighthearted chatter at conferences or help solve problems during phone calls.

But, we noticed something over the years: when a customer calls us with a question about their driving simulator, nine times out of ten we end up referring them to one of our technical manuals.

Now we’re not saying that if you have a technical question or need some help that you shouldn’t give us a call. We just want you to get the help you need as quickly as possible. And it’s very likely that help is right at your fingertips (our courteous and conscientious technical staff often consult the manuals themselves before responding to customers)! Using the manuals could be the fastest way to find the answers you need.

Just like the simulators themselves, our manuals have been carefully developed and refined over more than 30 years of engineering and experience. They are chock-full of useful information and tricks that can vastly improve your experience with the simulator! To date, there are 16 different documents that discuss all aspects of the simulator – from creating custom scenarios, to troubleshooting and maintenance.

You can find all the documents in a single folder on your system (C:\STISIM3\Help). They’re all PDFs that are ready-to-read with either Microsoft’s Edge Internet browser, or with Adobe’s Acrobat reader.

Here is a brief overview of some of the more indispensable documents:

A screenshot of the SDL Events manual.

SDL Events and SDL Basic Concepts Manuals

Scenario Definition Language (SDL) is at the heart of our driving simulator. These two documents contain everything you need to know about SDL. This is where you’ll find helpful information like the definition for an event parameter, an example of how an event is used, a list of the different action triggers that you can use, and much more. You’ll probably refer to these two documents more than any of the others, so keep ‘em handy!

Configuration File Manual

While the SDL is at the heart of the simulator, the configuration file contains specific parameters about running the simulator, which, I suppose, makes it the brains! There are more than 300 parameters that can be set in a configuration file and all of them are discussed in this manual.

Introduction & Getting Started

This is a quick guide to using the simulator’s Graphic User Interface (GUI) and what is required to run a driving simulation.

A screenshot of the Intro manual.

Scenario Library Manual

Wondering what scenarios come with your simulator? Then this is the guide you need. It contains a list of all the scenarios included with your simulator. An invaluable resource when you need a drive that may already do what you require.

Data Manual

If you like data (I mean, who doesn’t like data?), then you’ll want to review this manual. It has complete descriptions of the data capabilities of your simulator. It’s the definitive guide to the raw data file that the simulator generates after each drive.

And that’s just scratching the surface of the manuals we’ve created for our customers! Go back and give all the manuals a quick once over; it will be time well-spent!