Is There Anything Better than a Burger?!

It was a fateful day back in 2007 when I came across an article that would change my… lunch. I was waiting for new tires to get put on my car, flipping through GQ magazine, when I saw it: “The 20 Hamburgers You Must Eat Before You Die!”

Being the burger lover that I am, I took the article as a call to action. The burger joints listed in the article were spread out all over the country. Since I do a lot of traveling I decided to visit as many of the places on the list as I could.

And so my burger odyssey began, and so it continues to this very day. (In the interest of full disclosure, I’ve had 15 of the 20 burgers from the original GQ article. However, that was only the beginning).

As time passed, friends, relatives, and colleagues heard about my quest to eat great and varied hamburgers all around the world, and they shared with me other lists (e.g. the Best Burger in Every State, Hamburgers Across America, etc). My simple 20 burger list quickly grew and, right now, there are over 200 entries on my list. That might seem like a lot, but I am definitely up to the task.

Now, when I have to travel for simulator installations, I make sure to browse the list to find a burger joint (or two) that might be nearby – and make plans to eat there. This has come in pretty handy over the years; if you travel a lot, you know what a pain it can be to figure out where to eat.

In my travels over the past year, I had the pleasure of trying many different burgers. Here are five burgers that I enjoyed during my travels, including one from Croatia! Please note, I don’t try to rate the burgers, or even comment on them, because my personal preferences might be different from yours. The point is that if you love burgers (like I do) you may want to consider giving these places a try. (But seriously, that burger from Croatia was the best of these five, and even makes my all time 5 best!)

Oh, and most of these gourmet burgers were enjoyed along with an adult beverage. Should you decide to do the same, don’t get behind the wheel!

Just a small sampling of the burgers tried last year.


Do you have a burger you love and think we should try? Send it along so I can add it to my list!  Who knows, maybe your suggestion will get mentioned in a future blog post!