Introducing STISIM Drive© Cloud!

STISIM Drive© Cloud is Finally Here!

After years of development and testing, we are proud to launch the newest member of the STISIM Drive family of driving simulation solutions, the STISIM Drive© Cloud.

STISIM Drive CloudSTISIM Drive© Cloud is a cloud-based driving simulator that provides a simulation platform for driver training, clinical driver/patient assessment, and performance evaluation. Additionally, STISIM Drive© Cloud can be used in research studies based on driving simulation, and customer specific applications that benefit from data collected from driving simulation trials.

STISIM Drive© Cloud is universally available online and offers over 40 pre-engineered driving scenarios with varying difficulty levels and roadway environments. Results and data from every driven STISIM Drive© Cloud driving scenario are available at the point of assessment, and immediately accessible via the online STISIM Drive© Cloud database.

STISIM Drive© Cloud is designed to work with third party non-proprietary hardware. Windows based computers, Logitech steering controllers, and your choice of monitor will all support STISIM Drive© Cloud.

STISIM Drive© Cloud features include:

  • Integrate driving simulation into existing assessment/training/research curriculums
  • More than 40 diverse roadway environments and situational driving scenarios
  • Introductory “training” scenarios with interactive feedback
  • Texting while driving and DWI scenarios
  • Generates valuable, repeatable, accurate, and valid data
  • Internet access to data that will help you improve safety and reduce accidents
  • Uses non-proprietary off the shelf hardware
  • Universally available 24/7
  • Cost effective, SaaS subscription model pricing
  • Produces measurable results

If you’re interested in learning more about STISIM Drive© Cloud, contact us for more information.

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