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Driving Simulators

STISIM Drive® delivers a new level of flexibility, ease-of-use and analytical insight for clinical driving programs, driver training, or driver research. Our driving simulator is based on advanced physics, cognitive science and solid engineering. Learn more about how we can help you.

Occupational Therapy: For Assessments

We provide occupational therapists with multiple modalities and more than 100 driving scenarios to best assess their patients. Our simulators assist in providing advanced driving assessments, rehabilitation and training programs all while tracking driver progress. Learn more about how STISIM Drive® can help you.

Driver Training: Improved Driver Safety

Our driver simulator builds driving skills without on-road risk by providing over 35 immersing driving scenarios. It is one of the most cost effective tools for novice and fleet drivers. Learn more about how it can help train your driver.

And Development

Learn why vehicle manufactures, government institutions, universities, and medical centers rely on STISIM Drive® to conduct independent peer reviewed research papers. We have over four decades of independent validation. See how you can advance your research with STISIM Drive®.

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