Go Irish!

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time once again to bask in the joy and glory of college football playoffs! 

At STI we have graduates or fans from many Top 10 schools: USC, Cal State Berkeley, UCLA, The Naval Academy, OSU, University of Michigan, and lots more (we’ve got some Cal Poly Pomona graduates on staff, but since they dropped their football program over 30 years ago, they don’t count!).

But of all the teams that our employees cheered for this year, one stood out above all the rest: the Fighting Irish from the University of Notre Dame!

Sure, college football’s semi-final weekend just passed, and since this blog was written before that glorious game, the Irish might have been eliminated (spoiler alert: they were). But they were the only team out of all the teams our employees root for to make the playoffs, which means they still reign supreme in our book.

Once again, what does all this football talk have to do with driving simulation? Not a darn thing! However, since the majority of the STISIM Drive team roots for the Irish, we perform better when the Irish do well. Just think about how happy we’ll be and how “extra” we’ll perform if Notre Dame makes the title game – and wins?

2019 could start off pretty well for STISIM Drive, if that happens!

So, the next time you need to get in touch with us, help brighten our day by dropping a “Go IRISH!” in your email or message. Of course, if you can’t bring yourself to support the Irish, feel free to sub in the name of your favorite team. It still might brighten our day, and we promise we won’t hold it against you!