From Sea to Shining Sea (and a little bit further)

Driving Simulators from Texas to Europe & Australia

Driving simulator from STISIM Drive.

As the weather cools down, the leaves change colors, and the season turns from summer to fall, our thoughts turn back to the sunny summer days and all the things our team accomplished.

We don’t mean to brag, but frankly, it was a lot! We racked up frequent flyer miles delivering driving simulators from every region in the continental United States, to Europe, the Middle East, and even Australia. We were like Santa Claus delivering a range of interesting applications to customers all around the world!

In the western United States, we made deliveries of simulation systems in both Northern and Southern California, which had an emphasis on impaired driving research and driver rehabilitation.

In the Northwest, we delivered a research simulator in the state of Washington that will be used to investigate audio applications in cars. And just east of California, we delivered a research simulator to the University of Arizona (go Wildcats!).

Driving simulations & Rehabilitation Europe and Middle East

Special delivery for our customers!

We got to know the states of Michigan (Midwest), Texas (Southwest) and Virginia (South) really well as we delivered and installed multiple simulators in each state. In Texas we braved the heat to install a human factors research simulator, while the other simulators delivered in these states focused on driver assessment and both in- and out-patient rehabilitation.

Elsewhere in the Midwest we delivered two new simulators to the University of Kansas that will be used to focus on driver training; and Loyola University in Chicago upgraded their simulator that is used for bioengineering and medical device research.

But it was in the Northeast where we installed two of the more interesting driving simulators. One simulator was installed in an isolation lab that will help NASA understand the cognitive and physical effects of long space flights. The other application involves training drivers on the aspects of unloading cars off of ships (check out the video below). For the latter application, we developed some very interesting scenarios using all of the advanced features of the STISIM Drive Scenario Definition Language.

But our deliveries weren’t limited to the United States; we have international customers, too! One of our European partners, Drive Sim Solutions, delivered a research simulator to the University of Rome that will be used for transportation and road design research; as well as a system in Qatar. In Australia, two research simulators were delivered to Queensland University of Technology.

Whew! We had quite a busy summer and are looking forward to enjoying some Pumpkin Spice Lattes as we gear up for our next round of deliveries. Those frequent flyer miles will come in handy soon enough!