Enjoy College Football Season Responsibly!

When asked by a reporter why he was able to out-recruit rival Oklahoma State University, Barry Switzer, head coach for the University of Oklahoma, replied, “OU is easier to spell than OSU.”

Sure, this exchange might never have happened (it’s still unverified), but it’s a fun tidbit that reminds us that college football season is just around the corner! We’re less than two weeks away from my favorite time of the year. The leaves start to change, the air becomes cool and crisp, the days get shorter, the holidays get closer, and on Saturdays, they play college football.

In the USA, college football engenders deep-seated feelings for and against specific teams. This makes every game particularly exciting – it’s not always about rooting for a team to win. If you’re a fan, there’s always something to root against, too.

College football might not have the same excitement and appeal as some of the world’s soccer leagues where you might die because you root for a team (although the Alabama/Auburn rivalry may come close). But at the end of the day, no matter which game you’re watching, there is always something to root for or against. That’s what makes it possible to watch football all Saturday long – from early games on the East Coast, to late games in Hawaii – no matter who’s playing, you can come up with a reason to love or hate them.

Yes, we know you’re wondering, ‘What does this have to do with driving simulation?’ The only real relevance has to do with drinking and driving. Before, during, and after these great gridiron battles, people gather together in parking lots or living rooms and drink – and they may even consider driving.

Not a good idea.

Being a company invested in creating safer drivers, we fully understand the dangers associated with drinking and driving. Just remember, have fun during the game, but be sure to get home safely. Call a friend, call a ride-sharing service, call a taxi, but don’t get behind the wheel if you’ve been drinking.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to drive drunk, we’ve got a module for that. Give us a call about our drunk driving module!

Now get out there and be safe!