Around the World (With STISIM Drive) in 365 Days

While 2018 had some exciting simulator enhancements, the STISIM Drive team also had the pleasure of traveling around the world to install brand spanking new simulation systems. Over the year we found ourselves in new countries like Australia, China, Croatia, and England, and visiting states like Pennsylvania, Texas, and Arizona.

New STISIM Drive installation

One of our shiny new installations!

These installations were for driver trainers, medical personnel, and researchers all around the globe, each with the express purpose of learning more about, and modifying, driving behaviors in order to create safer drivers. Here is a little bit about a few of the new systems:

Model 300WS System for Dr. Pammer

We installed a Model 300 WS system with our Open Module plug-in technology for Dr. Pammer and her students at the University of Newcastle in Callaghan, New South Wales, Australia. Dr. Pammer’s primary emphasis and research have focused on memory, workload, and executive functioning. As she ramps up the simulation program, she would like to look into the psychological effects of autonomous driving, what happens when a driver has to take over, and how much control drivers are willing to give up. They will be using the Open Module plug-in technology to add motion to the simulator using a D-Box motion platform with help from their Australian affiliate Ausimtech.

Model 100WS System for Dr. DeLucia

We first met Dr. Patricia DeLucia several years ago at Texas Tech University, where she oversaw the installation of one of our simulators. Recently Dr. DeLucia moved on to Rice University and she just had to have another one! We installed a Model 100WS system with the Open Module plug-in so that she and her students can investigate aspects of autonomous driving.

Model 300WS/Console and Model 100WS at Hiram G. Andrews Center, PA

In Johnstown, Pennsylvania, the Hiram G. Andrews Center serves as a vocational center catering to young adults with learning, developmental (and other medical) disabilities, providing them with technical skills training. The focus of the Center is to help these adults become self-sufficient by teaching them a trade. They plan to use our simulator for basic assessments and driving education.

Model 300WS/Console at Mercy Health in Ohio

Two of our systems were installed at Mercy Health hospitals in Ohio for the occupational therapy departments. Now the fine therapists who work there will have another tool at their disposal for assessing drivers and doing rehabilitative interventions with their patients.

Can you feel the fun in this room?

We had a great time traveling around the world, meeting new people, and experiencing crowded airports and crummy weather. Well, maybe not so much the last two, but we definitely loved meeting all our new clients! We hope to do even more traveling, and meeting people, this year, too!