And the Winner Is…

No, we are not giving away any awards, but like an acceptance speech, and with Thanksgiving on our doorstep, it is time to give thanks to the many people that make STISIM Drive the world-wide success that it is.

I am thankful for our many long-term clients from Dr. Tom Marcotte at UCSD to our friends in Kansas who I talked about earlier. I am thankful for the hundreds of researchers around the world who have made STISIM Drive their driving simulator of choice and who have published hundreds of independent, peer-reviewed papers and journal articles. I am thankful for our new clients who are just starting out with STISIM Drive and look forward to years of successful simulator use.

I am thankful for the people who use STISIM Drive for medical applications; especially the awesome people in the occupational and physical therapy fields. I do not have the patience or intestinal fortitude to do the wonderful job that these men and women do every day with patients who need their skills. Because of these hard-working individuals, the entire STISIM Drive team can, in a small way, give back and make a difference in the world, even though all we did was make a driving simulator.

Internally, I am thankful for David PeGan, who handles all marketing and sales activities, and, along with Peter Salvador, does his fair share of technical support. I am thankful for Suzie Fosmore, Alyson Page, Cecy Pelz and Peter Gondek who are responsible for the logistics and paperwork that comes with a successful product line like STISIM Drive. They handle contracts, do billings, schedule shipments, order equipment and make sure we are paid. I am actually thankful for upper management which tries to keep us on task and on target, but have the good sense to get out of the way when it is necessary. I am very thankful for all my colleagues at Systems Technology who make it a fun and exciting place to work and are why I love my job (even the “less good” parts).

On a personal note, I am thankful for a loving wife who doesn’t always get me but is still willing to see where the ride takes us. I am thankful that I have six brothers and sisters that all get along and when sitting around mom’s kitchen table we can still laugh about past moments, both good and bad, and share dreams of the future. I am thankful for my many friends, colleagues, and extended family and the good times that we share. Finally, I am thankful that on the morning of Black Friday, I will still be in bed hoping that the dogs won’t want to get up too early.

From the entire STISIM Drive family we wish you a happy holiday and hope that there is much that you are thankful for this coming Thanksgiving weekend.