Our mission

Ever since we first developed STISIM Drive our mission has been to deliver the most advanced, user friendly, and cost effective driving simulation products that provide the highest value and return on investment to our customers.


About STISIM Drive

For over forty years STISIM Drive has been dedicated to engineering the best driving simulator products available. We introduced the first PC based programmable driving simulator over thirty years ago and have continuously improved our product as new technology has become available.

Our contribution to the field of vehicle and human safety is backed by hundreds of independent peer reviewed studies conducted using our simulation products. Our sincere commitment to quality and reliability, through nonstop testing and evaluation, ensures our products exceed all standards and expectations.

We develop our proprietary software based on human factors engineering and sophisticated virtual reality simulation technology that incorporates real-time feedback. Our programmable software makes it easy for our clients to modify driving scenarios to meet their specific demands.

The STISIM Drive system is the most flexible, adaptable system on the market. We value the customer relationships developed over the past three decades, and look forward to establishing many more. Ask us about configuring a system to meet your goals.

To learn more about our parent company STI (Systems Technology Incorporated), visit http://www.systemstech.com

STISIM Drive, an adaptable tool that redefines what a driving simulator can do, is founded on STI’s expertise in dynamic systems and human factors engineering, from aircraft to automobiles.