2018, We Hardly Knew Ye

No matter how old you are, time seems to pass in a flash – especially in hindsight. Here we are, already firmly entrenched in 2019, but we can’t help but feel like ‘Where did 2018 go?!’

And so, because 2018 was pretty darn good, we’re dedicating this blog to looking back over the past year. Here are a few of the new and exciting features we added or initiated in 2018:

  • Standardized our scenario database. We went in and cleaned up existing scenarios, added some new ones, and created a common database that spans all of our delivery frameworks. Now all future scenario enhancements will automatically apply to all versions of the simulator.
  • Upgrades to our Cloud framework. With the upgrades we made to our Cloud framework, future clients will have better access to the framework, which will provide the ability for easy customization.
  • Next generation simulator. As technology changes, so must the simulator. We are currently designing and developing a new steering system. Why are we doing this? To provide a more consistent experience for all of our clients. We want to reduce our reliance on hard-to-get parts and 3rd party device drivers, which will make the experience much better overall.

Of course, as the year went on, we fixed small bugs that popped up, added minor enhancements, and did a few other cool things with the simulator.

One major thing we had to tackle last year was not necessarily a good one. During 2018 we found some critical bugs that occurred because of Windows updates. The Creator’s Update at the end of 2017 caused a couple of simulator components to run slower, which, in turn, affected the overall performance. Then, the Windows update in the Spring of 2018 caused the STISIM Drive licensing system to fail, making the simulator unusable.

Lucky for us, our development team worked quickly and diligently to fix these issues with minimal downtime for our clients. We have some amazing developers and engineers working on our team, and we’re so grateful for all their hard work!

The real moral of the story, though, is you might want to hold off on applying newly-released Windows updates. Sure, it’s generally a good idea to apply updates as they come out, but just remember, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” – especially when it comes to driving simulators!

All in all, 2018 was a very good year, full of finished projects and new initiatives that will make STISIM Drive even better! We’re looking forward to a wonderful 2019!