Visit Us at ADED 2018 in Richmond, Virginia

As we’ve mentioned before, there are several shows we attend each year so that we can meet new and current customers face-to-face, and give demonstrations of our driving simulator.

ADED 2018 LogoIn April you might have visited us at the annual AOTA show, and on August 11th we’ll be rolling into historic Richmond, VA, for the 2018 ADED (The Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists) Conference and Exposition. ADED is a great organization that has focused on safely getting drivers back on the road because they understand the simple equation: driving = mobility = freedom

ADED is a bit different from the AOTA in that they focus on a very specialized subset of the occupational therapist community – driver rehabilitation. Getting even more granular than that, are the therapists who are Certified Driving Rehabilitation Specialists (CDRSs). These are the good folks who take people out on the road for actual on-road driving assessment. ADED is one of the few places where these therapists can get up-to-date on the latest and greatest in their field, as well as continuing education hours.

You might be wondering, ‘If they take people out on the road, what use do they have for a driving simulator?’ The simple answer is that on-the-road driving and driving simulation are not competitors; they actually complement one another!

Take a look at the main benefits of each and you’ll see what we mean:

Earlier this year we gave a presentation about the driving task, and why it’s a great task for assessment, to the California ADED chapter. Unfortunately, at that meeting we weren’t able to bring one of our driving simulators to help demonstrate our points. But we will be showing off our driving simulator console during the show in Richmond!

If you’re going to be there, stop by, say hello, go for a drive! We hope to see you there!