Expandable Driving Scenarios & Researcher Friendly Performance Metrics

STISIM Drive® is a proven, reliable, and professionally supported product researchers can depend on. Research centers worldwide, both public and private, have selected STISIM Drive® software and simulation systems for use as an essential feature of their research studies. Hundreds of peer-reviewed publications from research in the fields of sleep deprivation and fatigue, pharmacologic agents, alcohol, disease manifestation, geriatrics, training and rehabilitation, cognitive factors, human factors, effects of stroke, and TBI (traumatic brain injury) have been written where STISIM Drive® was used as an integral part of the study.

STISIM Drive® comes with a portfolio of over eighty driving scenarios designed and engineered to produce a wide range of performance metrics. Many researchers are able to use existing scenarios that evaluate performance metrics and produce objective and measurable results central to their field of study. However, the most compelling reason why STISIM Drive® is the most widely used driving simulation product used by researchers is because of the open, programmable, and expandable features engineered into STISIM Drive® software.

An integral feature of STISIM Drive® software is SDL, Scenario Definition Language, a simple to master scripting language. The flexibility of SDL makes it simple for researchers to:

  • Amend an existing scenario to fit their research criteria
  • Create new scenarios
  • Extract and collect performance data that is meaningful and crucial to the research being conducted
  • Create a repetitive testing environment



STISIM Drive® also offers plug in modules like our advanced vehicle dynamics module VDANL Drive, and our Open Module that allows for the creation of custom simulation capabilities using COM compliant programming languages such as C++ and VB.

Please see this link for a partial listing of studies based on STISIM Drive®

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